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Lynks cloud-based transportation management system


LYNKS is a multi-functional, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) designed for carriers, shippers, and brokers of all sizes. Our easy to use and affordable end-to-end solution provides the resources you need to manage and grow your transportation business.
LYNKS is an all-in-one transportation management solution that gives you all the tools needed to post and bid for loads, manage on the road assets, easily dispatch shipments, track deliveries, and invoice quicker. 
LYNKS is available on Web and Mobile platforms and offered as SaaS Model to the customers.
LYNKS product is scheduled to be launched in the US & Canada in Q1 of 2021; and in India by the end of Q2-2021.
Josh Hempstead is the VP of Marketing and Strategic relations, he is also the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for our LYNKS.

cloud-based data analytics and management system


VARADA is a multi-functional, cloud-based data analytics and management system designed to assist individuals/organizations achieve their goals efficiently. The primary objective of the system is to help candidates contesting for office to use the tool and make better judgments by focusing on areas needing attention. 
VARADA provides customizable/configurable survey tools that assist the candidates; these survey tools help collect the data from public.
VARADA provides dashboards/graphs that allow the campaigns to compare historical election data, and also allow the mapping of strong/weak points based on different demographics/lifestyles/financial backgrounds, etc. VARADA provides portals for tracking funds/expenses/compliance etc. The primary focus of VARADA is based on maps and geofencing.
VARADA is available on Web and Mobile platforms and offered as SaaS Model to the customers. 
VARADA product’s Phase I development is completed, Phase II is underway, Phase III is scheduled to start in June. 
VARADA application is scheduled to be launched to the public at the end of Q3-2021.
Brandon Shilling is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for our VARADA product with extensive knowledge in the domain.



MoCAP is a markerless motion capture and analysis system. MoCAP captures human body motions using video cameras. Raw data from the video recordings is then converted into formats understandable for biomechanical analysis. 
MoCAP analyzes the data and presents the data in various graphs/charts allowing the medical professionals to “subjectively” make decisions and creating alternate plans. MoCAP is a “one of a kind” software tool that combines different functions into one unique solution.
MoCAP’s Web/Mobile based application gives the output of the analysis. The capture of motion is achieved using Laptop/Desktop computers that are capable of recording human motions and produce in-depth data.
POC (Proof Of Concept) for MoCAP is completed and the detail design is underway. The software solution is expected to be built by the end of Q1-2022 and launched in Q2-2022.